Work Remotely – Four Jobs You Can Do From Home

The employment landscape has been changing significantly over the past decade, but one event has shifted the paradigm more than any other. Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr have expanded the gig economy and helped millions of people to find work without the need for a full-time employer. It’s brought flexibility and choice to the job economy, as well as a new generation of ideals that often don’t include giving 40+ hours of your life a week to an ungrateful organization.

COVID-19 has swept around the globe. It’s forced businesses to think differently about the way they do things and it’s forced human life indoors. Where people are, business will follow. Work has been restructured to suit our new living arrangements, which means more hours than ever are being logged from home.

This cuts down the need to travel, can open up more liveable hours in an employers’ life, and has show employees that productivity can remain the same, or even rise when workers aren’t in the office.

As a result of this, working from home has never been more attractive. But how do you get into it if you’ve previously been deskbound? Here are four jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home, and some may surprise you a little.

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Look around you. See all those words written down? That’s someone’s job. Business is turning to freelance copywriters and SEO experts to craft blog posts, about us pages, newsletters, and more.

These projects don’t require a full-time member of staff, but can be good business for a strong writer who knows what they’re talking about. Good writers with a solid knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO) can find ongoing work, too. Making sure clients’ have a strong search engine presence is an excellent skill to have.

Customer Support Agents

Do you have a strong WiFi connection? You could be a customer support agent and work from home! More and more companies are getting rid of expensive offices that house hundreds of phone operators, and they’re putting their trust in teams that work remotely.

Live chat options mean that agents don’t even have to speak to the customer, not using their voice anyway,

The National Association of Call Centres says that 53% of American call centers employ staff that work from home. You could too!

Social Media Managers

Are you social media savvy? Can you create conversations that engage an audience, while boosting a brand’s profile? You could position yourself as a social media manager.

Social media managers are in charge of running a business or an individual’s social media accounts for them. This is another role that isn’t fixed to one office space. The job is online, and that means you can take it anywhere.

Online Gaming

Gaming and gambling haven’t traditionally been viewed as an option for people who want to work from home, but the massive growth of the industry means that more action takes place in a virtual space than ever before.

A report by BusinessWire found ‘the global online gambling market is expected to grow from $58.9 billion in 2019 and to $66.7 billion in 2020 at a growth rate of 13.2%.

Where there’s money, there are jobs. A live casino will employ full-time and part-time workers as croupiers on their live stream table games, which can be done remotely. Work can also be found in programming, player support, and affiliate marketing – all without leaving the house.

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