jOBS Trailer: First Look At The Biopic About Steve Jobs [Video]

When Steve Jobs passed away, it seemed the whole world stood silently wondering what might happen to Apple. After all, Steve was the driving force behind Apple’s huge success, twice. Pretty much everyone knew there was going to be a movie made that was based on Steve and of course the birth of Apple. However, the question was whether or not it would serve the truth. The movie has been named “jOBS,” and there was recently a jOBS trailer which was carefully unveiled to give us a first look at the movie.

The achievements that this innovative icon was able to fit into his 56 year long stay here on planet earth will go down in history as one of the most profound impacts a single visionary has ever had on society. I guess that is what the movie makers are trying to capture in this movie. The jOBS trailer is a sequence where Steve explains to Woz why computers are the next big thing.

But there is one thing that is flawed with the movie, and it has been debated over and over again. Steve was a design fanatic. Everything had to look “gorgeous” and “just right.” For a man whose vision was catalyzed by beautiful fonts, the “jOBS” title just doesn’t cut it, at all. It’s a monumental fail and one that Steve Jobs himself would probably frown upon.

It should not go unnoticed though that Steve Wozniak was, and will always be, a huge part of Apple’s success. Without Woz, Apple would most likely not exist today. It was the two of them that started Apple, and without either of them, we would probably all still be sitting here hacking away at our crummy keyboards furiously cursing our blue screen of death.

The jOBS trailer looks promising. However, after watching it, Woz said that this was not at all how it went down. I guess we’re at at the same crossing that we experienced with The Social Network when Mark Zuckerberg also said the movie was highly exaggerated. This jOBS trailer shows us once more why Ashton Kutcher plays Steve Jobs and no one else. His looks are almost eerily close to the young Steve Jobs. Watch this jOBS trailer, and tell us what you think. Will it be the box office success that everyone is expecting it to be?

Official jOBS Trailer