World of Warcraft, the Hollywood expansion…

Gamer or not you know about World of Warcraft, its just everywhere.  Geeky or cool every one’s senses will be even more overwhelmed by the Blizzard success when it finally comes to the big screen.

Yes that’s right, somewhere in the pipeline there is a World of Warcraft movie.  Now we all know the success (read failure) of games that are turned into films (or vice versa), I think really the only successful-ish ones were Tomb Raider and Riddick.  Riddick was special though – the game and the film were made as one, and not separately – which actually worked really well.

So why do these films always end up rubbish?  Simple.  Hollywood directors. Why? They will always irritate the fans of the game by getting something hideously wrong.  With Warcraft this could be any huge number of things, as the story line is so heavily set.  The other problem is most people will look at the film and think that its far too geeky etc for them to go and see because they are too cool for school or whatever.

The Warcraft universe is just huge, and it did not start with World of Warcraft.  Warcraft was a strategy game to start with back in 1994 and grew from there – so as I said the storyline is massive.  Will this trip the researchers up?

That’s my take on the problem – Do you think its going to be good? Are you a WoW fan?  If anything I think if a film was to be made it should be fully CGI and done by the Blizzard team.  My case in point is always the fabulous Blizzard game animations and cut scenes.   See below in this order:  World of Warcraft, Burning Crusade expansion, Lich king expansion. Geek or not – these pre-rendered storytellers are beautiful.