Worlds Most Expensive Commercial – Part 2

So, my article “Worlds Most Expensive Commercial Ever” made quite a stir when it was published. It was because of two things that the discussions started. Was it “CG enhanced or not” and was it really the “most expensive commercial ever“. Well, on the first point I have yet to see some true evidence that it was NOT cg enhanced in anyway. Some say there are plenty of proof in the “behind the scenes” footage of that commercial however I have unfortunately not seen it yet so I will not express any thoughts on this one just yet.

On the second point I can understand the mindset here from some people. Even though it cost $6.2 it must be at least one commercial that is more expensive, right?. Someone said that the Guinness commercial “Tipping Point” cost a whopping $21 million to make which seems to be the most costly commercial so far. However, I can’t confirm this.

The one that i can find some background information about is the Aviva (real name Norwich Union) “Change Your Name” commercial starring Bruce Willis, Elle Macpherson, Ringo Starr and Alice Cooper. It reportadly cost $13.4 to create and that is all including everything.

Here are the two commercials lined up. If you have some confirmed (in written on the Internet) background information on the “Tipping Point” please tell us. Or perhaps you know of another commercial even more expensive then these.

Aviva – Change Your Name”

Guinness – Tipping Point”