World’s Most Popular MMORPGs And Their Impact On eSports

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) is a video game that takes place in a virtual constant environment called a persistent state world (PSW).

Thousands to millions of players will sign up and develop their characters in a role-playing scenario with the goal of playing the game. The popularity of such games is pushing for them to be included in eSports.

This is different from the traditional video game consoles where the ultimate goal is to complete the game. MMORPG develops as the players go along. When you’re logged in or out, the game develops in a manner that could still affect the player.

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A brief history of MMORPG shows that it developed from massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) commonly referred to as MMO. This was apparent in the 1980s and gained acceptance in the 1990s, when the first game,  Air Warrior by Kesmai on the Genie online platform was created.

Currently, the phenomenon is fundamental to eSports gaming and still gaining traction in the competitive online platform.

Popular MMORGs In The Market

Popular MMO games are available on numerous platforms including PC, consoles, and smartphones. The games are quite engaging and addictive, therefore should be accessible in numerous platforms. The games should also be eligible to be entered into eSports because of their popularity.

What’s truly missing in the MMORPG industry are review websites that the player can gather more useful information from that are created by other players. Somewhat like players can do when they are looking for the best live roulette games, for example. It would make for a better understanding of what kind of game you might pour all your free time into. There are few things as annoying as spending a lot of time on something only to realize halfway in that it was not really what you wanted.

World Of Warcraft

After a decade of its unveiling, the game is still one of the most popular in the world. Commonly referred to as WoW, the game has vastly changed in terms of graphics, quests, classes, and adventure as players can even travel back in time. The game has approximately 7 million players.

The Elder Of Scrolls Online

Released in 2014, the game already has over 3 million players although it suffered some setbacks before re-releasing and rebranding. Critics accepted and praised the MMO game after the changes, making it one of the popular games.

Black Desert Online

As a Korean MMO launched in the US, the game was able to deliver on hype from its interesting property management aspects as well as its snappy action combat. Players and guilds can become medieval slum lords with the opportunity of buying up buildings.

The game has attracted over 2 million active players making it a popular game.

Guild Wars 2

The MMO game came quite close to becoming a “WoW-killer” but this was just for a short while.  It comprises of fast-paced action combat and a richly detailed universe of stories which has attracted just over 1.5 million players.

The Future Of MMORPG To Esports Gaming

Well, the future seems bright in the world of eSports gaming especially after predicting MMORPG is trying to take the industry. Traditionally, eSports use to involve PC and Consoles with just about two players playing against each other at a time and in one location.

However, with the current trends according to an article on, MMOs are expected to enter the competitive gaming scene. Popular games like WoW will take the lead as one of the MMO options for eSports gaming.

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