WTF: The William & Kate Commemorative Pizza

This is getting so funny to me. Every week we see different companies coming out with their unusual tributes to this latest royal wedding. It is really entertaining, and to me, it’s almost more interesting than news about the wedding itself. You can’t blame these companies really; they are just trying to cash in on the hype. It totally makes sense. I wonder if we can create a Bit Rebels tribute to the happy couple…

We’ve featured the royal wedding built with 170,000 Lego bricks, and the William and Kate commemorative refrigerator. Both of those things were oddly fun, but this one today is odd, fun and also edible. I’d like to present to you… the royal wedding recreated in pizza. This little goodie is Papa John’s (UK) way to celebrate the big day. A rep from Papa John’s said, “It seems like the whole country has got royal wedding fever, so we just had to do something special to celebrate this momentous occasion.” What could be better than a bride’s dress made out of cheese, a groom’s suit made out of salami and peppers and a veil made from mushrooms?

To further entertain you with completely ridiculous shit, I’ve also included a picture from a woman who says this is Kate Middleton’s face on a jellybean. And… As if that wasn’t enough… There is a video spoof of the wedding below, which is T-Mobile’s tribute. Believe it or not, that silly little thing just went viral. Go figure.

William And Kate On Pizza

Royal Wedding Jellybean Design

Via: [Newslite] [Metro]