WTF: The William & Kate Commemorative Refrigerator

I don’t really get into the royal wedding frenzy each time one of those events is about to happen. However, this time, with Prince William and Kate Middleton, there has definitely been some funny stuff surrounding it all that is worth checking out.

Mainly what I’m referring to is the couple’s royal wedding memorabilia that companies everywhere are trying to cash in on. I suppose almost every manufacturer in the world thinks they can make a buck if they create something, anything… and plaster their faces on it.

Some of the wackiest things I’ve seen so far are the Crown Jewels Condoms (because, as the website says, like a royal wedding, intercourse with a loved one is an unforgettable occasion), the Kate and William Tea Bags (which come complete with cardboard cutouts) and the Royal Wedding Cell Phone (Hmm… call me crazy, but I think I’ll stick with my iPhone). Until today, nothing has topped the Chinese company that designed a Royal Wedding Coffee Mug. The only problem is, they accidentally put the wrong prince on it. Opps!

However, what I’m sharing with you now has got to be the most bizarre piece of royal wedding memorabilia I’ve seen to date. It’s a Prince William and Kate Middleton refrigerator. Yeah, you are seeing this right. No really, it’s true. I suppose somewhere out there perhaps there is a die-hard fan that might want to have this in their kitchen. Refrigerators last a long time, don’t they? Like 15 or 20 years, right? What happens if they get divorced before this refrigerator dies? Ohhhh… I have so many questions to ask whoever designed this. I guess with this appliance, you can always keep the royal wedding fresh in your mind, and in your tuna salad.

Unusual Royal Wedding Memorabilia

Via: [Chip Chick] [Radar]