Struggling With Your YouTube Channel? – 4 Tips To Increase Viewership

Having an active YouTube channel is no longer optional for generating authentic connections with customers, clients, and fans. The platform is filled with people who do this successfully, otherwise known as “influencers,” and they make success look easy.

If you’ve seen the rise of popular YouTube influencers, and you’re struggling to match their success, here’s what you can do.

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Get A Custom Beat For Your Intros And Outros

The most successful YouTubers hire musicians to create custom beats for their introductions. AirGigs is a great source for custom beats, created by experienced, well-known artists in the music industry. You can contact any artist before placing an order, give them an idea of the sound and style you’re interested in, and ask them any questions you have about the process.

There are a few good sources for relatively cheap, royalty-free beats, but there’s an inconvenient problem that most YouTubers discover when they use pre-made beats: copyright disputes.

When you buy a pre-made beat, you’re bound by the terms of the type of license you buy. Most license agreements allow you to use the beat on a monetized YouTube channel, but prohibit you from joining the Content ID program with any piece of work containing the beat. This is to make sure nobody gets dinged for using a beat they have permission to use. Unfortunately, most people disregard this aspect of the license and join YouTube’s Content ID program with music tracks featuring the beats they’ve licensed.

How A Copyright Dispute On A Legally Purchased Beat Happens

If someone has joined the copyright ID program with work featuring the same beat you’ve legally licensed to use in your videos, the Content ID program will recognize your music as someone else’s copyright. A copyright claim will be placed on your video, and you’ll need to dispute the claim. Although it’s not the same as a copyright strike, it’s inconvenient, and all advertising revenue will be held until the claim is released.

Some claims never get released. After a certain period of time, if the claim isn’t released, the person holding the claim will receive all revenue generated from your video. Some claims aren’t intentional, but there are companies that have gotten away with hijacking ad revenue by upholding legitimate claim disputes with proof.

In most cases, the claim is generated by third-party distribution companies who joined the Content ID program on behalf of their artists. These claims are usually released fairly quickly because it wasn’t intentional. However, imagine having to go through this process each time you upload a new video. Sure, the other company can whitelist your YouTube channel, but that doesn’t always happen.

Avoid the frustration and wasted time by getting a custom beat from the start.

2. Upgrade The Quality Of Your Video Productions

Twenty years ago, nobody was expected to be a pro at producing high-quality home videos because professional equipment was expensive. Today, that’s changed. Cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment are affordable to anyone with a small budget. Also, the internet is filled with fantastic tutorials for producing high-quality sound and creating the right lighting wherever you film.

Good Equipment Is Affordable To All

While most YouTube stars use a mid-level camera like the Canon EOS 70D, there are plenty of cameras on the market that will work for filming quality videos. Others film with an iPod or smartphone. Lavalier mics can be found for as little as ten bucks, and although they’re cheap, the sound quality is much better than the mic built into your smartphone.

No matter how amazing your video content is, if the audio or video quality is poor, people will bounce (and they might give you a thumbs down on their way out).

3. Create A Short Intro Video Like A Trailer

Like a movie trailer, your YouTube channel needs a good trailer. People want to know who you are and what you’ve got to offer without having to sift through endless pages of videos. Creating a trailer is just one of five solid video creation tips published by Social Media Examiner.

4. Use Jump Cuts Sparingly

Jump cuts serve a purpose and aren’t supposed to be used excessively. Unfortunately, jump cuts have become a habit. While many viewers will tolerate excessive jump cuts if they like your channel, others will be driven away. Excessive jump cuts are the equivalent to

Be original

At the end of the day, original content will get you the authentic fan base you desire. Copy the strategies of others, but always create your own content.

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