Zelda On Paper: Stop Motion Twist Of The Classic Game!

Zelda is one of my favorite games of all time, and I played it until I finished it back in the days of the Nintendo NES console. The excitement of this classic game is yet to be surpassed, but for now, my memories of the NES are about Zelda and Super Mario. Everything that has to do with Zelda always captures my attention, and this one I sure couldn’t pass up. We’ve been accustomed to the same heroic Link and his adventures always ending in success. However, this stop motion movie will certainly twist those story lines.

“Zelda On Paper” is a series of stop motion short films created by someone calling himself “Eric Powerup.” The points he makes truly break the brand of a spotless Link that is always out to prevail over evil. His clever and genius ways of solving problems are also washed away by this quite badass little short movie.

I think we need something like this in order to bring new life into an old classic. A hero is only a hero throughout the time people need one, right? After that he becomes old and monotone… boring in a way. That’s why I think the next Zelda should be decided a bit more by the players. It should be somewhat like a fable where you can choose your own destiny and affect the characteristics of the character by the deeds you do in the world. Simple as that!