10 Things To Do When The Internet Is Down

We have all been there, and it happened to me just a few weeks back. I am talking about the insanely annoying times when the Internet is down and there is nothing you can do to get it back until the Internet service provider that you are using gets their act together. I actually had a few days without Internet not too long ago, and that was about as stressful as you could ever imagine. I think I called them about ten or fifteen times to check on things, and in the end, I guess I wasn’t one of their nicest customers. Well, I ended up getting a dongle for free, including surf time, to be used whenever this happens again (which in itself probably says that there will be other times when things will fall apart).

What are the things you could do when the Internet refuses to work for you? Do you have any ideas? What are the things you do to entertain yourself while the ones and zeros play tag team and just don’t want to match up to make the Internet flow like the best surfing waves in Malibu? I guess there are a ton of things, socializing in real life is probably one of the better ideas that you could have. However, that can be as scary as anything for a hardcore geek.

I managed to find a little infographic (if you could even call it that) to illustrate a few things, and maybe give you a few ideas about what you could do. Nobody said they had to be creative, right? I mean, after all, we have to get our feelings out every now and then, and this infographic is a great example of the different ways we can do that. Just don’t take it too far. You know the Internet will start working eventually, so there is no point in lingering too long on either of these things. Just saying…

When The Internet Is Down

Via: [Pleated Jeans]