10 Tips to Get Your Girlfriend/Wife to Watch Sports

As football season begins here in the States, women around this country and others are grumbling about football overtaking their lives for the next five months. I have a bit of a different perspective because I love football, so I would like to offer all the men some tips for how to get your girlfriend or wife to enjoy watching football, or any sports, with you. Treat this information like gold since it could possibly change your life forever.

1. Let her know what’s in it for her. Relationships are about compromise. If you want her to watch football on TV with you, then promise to watch American Idol (or whatever show she likes) with her even though you hate it. If you expect her to have a good attitude while watching football, then you must reciprocate.

2. Don’t be a selfish poop. If you buy beer to watch during the game, buy her favorite wine. If you invite some guys over, let her invite some girlfriends over. If you want her to make you yummy homemade snacks, buy her a box of chocolates and some scented candles. Be nice and think ahead.

3. Talk to her about something other than sports during the commercials. Let’s face it; unless it’s the Super Bowl, the commercials aren’t worth watching anyway. Instead, turn the volume down and pay attention to your girlfriend/wife during that time. That gives her your undivided attention during about 15 – 20 minutes of every hour of the game.

4. We have a huge dry erase board in our house where we write events that are scheduled. If you want her to watch football with you on Sundays, block out the time on the schedule in advance or else you may find that she has made plans for the two of you on that day.

5. Be very patient with her when she asks questions about the game. Even as a woman who loves football, I get annoyed when I hear other women ask, “How many points for a touchdown?” If I get frustrated with that, I can only imagine how men feel. However, this is all about long term strategy, right? If you patiently answer her questions, she will become more interested in the game.

6. Say something to relate to what she is interested in, for example, if you are watching the New Orleans Saints (Reggie Bush), say, “Hey, that’s the guy who used to date Kim Kardashian.”

7. To get her warmed up (no pun intended) to the idea of enjoying sports, start off by giving her someone to drool over (you aren’t the only one with a wandering eye). David Beckham is a perfect example. Let her watch him on the big screen for a while and she’ll be more receptive to watching football.

8. Buy her a team jersey or hat. Women love gifts and this will make the whole experience all the more positive for her. It’s a simple thing you can do to bring a lot of fun to the game.

9. Make sure she is comfortable. This is one that is a big deal to me. For some reason, sitting in a chair to watch sports is not nearly as cozy as pulling out the sofa bed, throwing on a ton of fluffy pillows and adding a big bowl of popcorn. Feel the difference? These little things really matter.

10. Last but not least, if all else fails, I have something for you to keep in your back pocket that will always guarantee you that she will watch sports with a smile on her face. In our house, we call this the “coupon system.” I guarantee you that there is something that she really wants from you. It could be a night out with her girlfriends, a one-hour long foot rub, an uninterrupted bubble bath, a trip to her parent’s house, whatever it may be, give her a coupon for that in exchange for her watching the game with you. Take a piece of paper and make her an actual coupon, with no expiration date, that she can redeem whenever she wants. I hope these tips help you to enjoy this football season!

If you love football as much as I do, you are going to dig this video. I could watch this all day.