101 Ways To Open A Beer [Video]

We have featured our fair share of creative bottle openers over the years, and we are not about to stop anytime soon. However, as everyone knows, there are more ways to open a beer or a soda than with a bottle opener. What used to be geeky as hell and what made us pop our beers like a pro just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, at least if you ask the “redneck” beer drinkers who seemingly live to come up with new ways to open a cold beer. A while ago, I wrote an article about the amazing Zombie Bottle Opener, and it was very successful. People really seemed to like it, and I wish I had more of those badboys to feature. If you know of one, don’t hesitate to send us an email and we’ll have a look at it.

When you look at this video of some guys opening beers in various creative ways, you’ll quickly notice that they are not really over the edge. I mean, sure… some of the ways are downright insane, and they will most likely leave you with a taste of glass and blood in your mouth, which I don’t think is preferred. But some others are quite interesting. One of those ways is the very last one. I am not going to tell you what it is. You just have to watch it yourself, but it’s one of those ways that the result is quite unexpected if you ask me.

Now the question is, what is the most creative way you have ever opened your beer or soda… or bottle? Do you have a way that might fit into this cavalcade of creativity, even though this has more of a redneck aspect to it? I don’t think these would be very appreciated in a luxurious restaurant for example. Maybe they would be more appropriate at a backyard barbecue or something. I mean, usually when there are no bottle openers around, I ask someone for a lighter and open my beer that way. But as I said, the ways are many. What is yours?


Via: [Guyism]