11 Geeky Ways To Use Nail Polish (Even For Men!)

I know most of the men out there are probably rolling their eyes right now, but there are some really great uses for nail polish that might make you rejoice when your girl comes home with a new collection of colors. I remember many years ago when I used nail polish to color-code my computer components. That was before USB ports were universal, so you had to plug your keyboard, mouse, etc. into just the right place in order for them to work on a PC. I color-coded the end of each cord and color-coded the correct port on the computer itself with the same color so I could match them up and know where to plug everything. I only had to use a dot of color for it to be effective system. I’m sure other people have done that too!

I’ve also used nail polish to mark different measurements (kind of like a Sharpie) and to repair various things. When I saw this cheeky little chart by Yumi at WonderHowTo, I knew I had to share it with you. She lists 11 extraordinarily practical uses for nail polish, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of them are quite geeky.

What a great idea to use polish to color-code keys, and to seal envelopes if you don’t happen to have a glue stick handy. Using it to keep metal from rusting and costume jewelry from tarnishing are also brilliant ideas. So the next time you think nail polish is just for girls, think again! What are some of the ways you’ve used nail polish around the house?

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Via: [WonderHowTo] Header Image Credit: [Carpet Cleaner Utah]