14-Year Old Builds Working Lego Printer

What do you do when you have a mind that is as creative as the very computer you’re sitting at, and you also have a love for Lego? Well, you could always sift through all of that Lego and categorize the pieces on your computer so you can have full control over what and where they are. Boring? I can definitely see that happening after a while, and for what my opinion matters, it doesn’t lead to much creativity in the end, does it? I mean, just go on Lego.com and you will find several different useful applications that will help you build whatever it is that you have in your mind. It’s definitely worth a visit, and it could possibly get your creativity flowing just from all the inspiration.

You could also do what 14-year old Leon Overweel did. This kid managed to create a working printer out of just Lego in his spare time. It’s a full size printer with only three motors driven by C code that Leon feeds to the motors through a computer. The interesting part is that it’s all hooked up through a text document containing ones and zeros that tells the felt tip pen where it should put the pixels.

Don’t expect it to be your average printer though. It’s actually only able to print 50 x 50 pixel printouts. Don’t think it will be a speedy printout either. It will take you an average of 3 hours for a full printout. It’s not exactly your last resort when time is of the essence. Leon isn’t a newbie when it comes to intricate builds since he has created a Skype-Controlled NXT Car earlier. It’s not an understatement to say that Leon is a very clever kid, and we here at Bit Rebels can’t even wait to check out what he will come up with next. Amazing builds are always welcome, and we happily feature stuff like this. It’s pure awesomeness!



Via: [Geeky Gadgets]