15 Must Have Star Wars Finds On Etsy

Even though Etsy was launched in 2005, I’ve really only started getting into it over the past year or so. It’s starting to become one of those sites I visit often because the artists there sell the most creative unique things that you can’t find anywhere else. Most of what is sold there is handmade and one-of-a-kind, and I just love that. That site simply oozes with personality and charm.

I was on there yesterday looking for something to buy for one of my trekkie friends, and instead, I was almost knocked over by all the Star Wars things that are listed. Don’t get me wrong, there are fun Star Trek items listed too, but honestly, they pale in comparison (sorry Star Trek fans). After I bought the R2-D2 iPhone 4 cover you see below, I wrote this post so I could share all the cool stuff I found with you.

The holidays are right around the corner, and so many of these things are carrrrrazy cool and super inexpensive (well, there are one or two that are pricey). I ultimately decided to make your shopping a little easier for you by listing my favorite 15 Star Wars items listed on Etsy (there are 6,060 total Star Wars items on Etsy right now). I hope you enjoy this list; I had a lot of fun putting it together!

1. Yoda In Love Greeting Card

15 Star Wars Finds Etsy

2. Star Wars Baby Booties

Infant Shoes Star Wars Etsy

3. Star Wars Womp Rat Pack Illustration

Womp Rat Pack Star Wars
Inspired by…

Womp Rat Pack Illustration

4. Twi’lek Latex Lekku

Twi'lek Latex Lekku Wig

5. Han Solo Cologne

Etsy Han Solo Perfume

6. Strormtrooper Lego 8GB USB Flash Drive

Stormtrooper USB Flash Drive

7. R2-D2 iPhone 4 Cover

iPhone 4 Handmade Cover

8. Ewok Dog Hat

Ewok Dog Hat Etsy

9. Star Wars Inspired Intergalactic Steampunk Pistol

Intergalactic Steampunk Gun Pistol

10. Stormtrooper Porcelain Travel Mug

Stormtrooper Porcelain Travel Mug

11. Star Wars Peg People Chess Set

Peg People Chess Set Etsy

12. R2-D2 Edible Cupcake Toppers

R2D2 Cupcakes Handmade Toppers

13. Lego Star Wars Personalized Poster

Personalized Lego Star Wars Poster

14. Han Solo & Princess Leia Rings

Han Solo Princess Leia Rings

15. Admiral Ackbar Vintage Art Frame

Admiral Akbar Vintage Art Frame