19 Year Old Builds Insane 3,000 Brick Amy Winehouse Bust

When you think about Amy Winehouse, there is a lot of things that come to mind and one of them ain’t Lego. Nope, instead it’s drug abuse, cigarettes, good music, interesting performances and an original voice. It ain’t easy understanding the connection between Lego and Amy Winehouse until you have seen what a 19 year old by the name of Justin Ramsden has created. The young fella, a member of the Brickish Association (a club for adults interested in creating amazing stuff with Lego), took a simple idea from his head and built a 3,000 piece Amy Winehouse bust which is nothing less than creepy like the life of the real Amy Winehouse.

Justin Ramsden’s own words are simple and to the point saying, “I really like Lego. It’s a different medium to express my art. I like the fact that although it is all bricks and angular, you can still create curves and artistic designs.

Currently enrolled in an Art and Design Queen course at Elizabeth Sixth Form College, it took Justin 2 weeks to build the inspiring piece of pop culture phenomenon. It was all part of a school project called “British Icons,” He was inspired by the odd selection and stood firm in his decision and created the bust which is now amazingly successful. He is getting rave reviews for it from major newspapers all around the world including the british Telegraph and many more.

Justin, who is a hardcore fan when it comes to the brick, is now building an exact model of Barclays bank in Darlington’s High Row and I am sure that it will be nothing less than stunning when he is done. We here at Bit Rebels will follow his continued journey and report back to you when he’s finished the new build. I am sure Justin Ramsden will end up in the Lego Hall of Fame if he keeps his brain locked in on his goal like one Lego to another Lego.

*Header image created by the amazingly talented Lauren Wells.