20 Facts About YouTube You Probably Didn’t Know

Everyone who is reading this, I am sure, has at some point viewed a clip on YouTube and laughed their brains out. The idea behind it was initially as simple as any great thought that has become a billion dollar idea. It’s all about simplicity, enhancing the experience, and the easy use of a necessary online feature to share videos hassle free. The three guys behind the idea found that it was difficult and annoying to share videos they shot at one of their dinner parties at an apartment one of them had in San Francisco. The idea grew from there, and it is now the world’s 3rd most viewed and used website on the Internet according to Alexa.

What I find most interesting is that YouTube only has a 22% traffic share from the US, the rest is outside of the US. Here on Bit Rebels, not to compare the two’s success of course, we enjoy 48% of our traffic from the US. It’s a steep difference to say the least. Then again, the fact that video is such a widespread medium that can be understood by pretty much everyone could explain the odd numbers.

GO-Gulf decided to dig a little bit deeper into the facts of YouTube to uncover some of the more unknown facts that might interest the public. Some of these I have never heard before, but you have to remember that the infographic was put together sometime in November, 2010, so the data might not be entirely accurate. However, it is quite stunning and inspiring from a website point of view.

Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim certainly created something great, and the price they got from selling their brainchild back in 2006 was a whopping 1.65 billion dollars. It’s quite a nice chunk of cash for solving the problem of sharing videos on the Internet. Ever since Google bought the video sharing service, it has increased even more in popularity. It has seen a few changes since the days of being in the care of its founders. It will be interesting to see its development, and what it keeps bringing to the table of the ever evolving online experience.

20 Facts About YouTube Service