2012: The Year Of Infection Zombie Calendar

I have to say, so far this year I have been able to plan my time quite well. There have been a few snags here and there, but nothing that dedication can’t fix. It is all thanks to my calendar and the fact that I am actually trying to become a little bit more structured this year. One thing that has always been a problem for creative people is that inspiration never comes on cue. You never decide when you are inspired, and when you are, you have to strike while the iron while it’s hot if you know what I mean. That is easier said then done, but sticking to the main course of your plan should yield you the results that you are aiming for.

A calendar is of course a necessity if you are going to undertake any amount of serious work in your life. Sure, there are a few people out there who manage to keep everything in their head and do so quite well. But for anyone who is used to following a written plan, a calendar is exactly what you need. So, this leads me to today’s little brain teaser, literally. It’s the 2012: The Year Of Infection zombie calendar.

It will take you through the hell of your to-do lists and back again. With a little bit of help from the ever brain seeking zombies, you should be able to perform well. If you slack, you are the snack, so to speak. It should be a nice little touch as well for a geeky office whether it is at home or at work. It might even keep a few sneaking colleagues out of that cubicle of yours since this thing will most likely scare the socks off of them. It is available now over at Amazon for just $5.69.



Via: [GeekAlerts]