21 Year Old German Designer Builds House Out Of Beer Coasters

The ideas that some designers have are sometimes so radical that you start wondering if they even take their profession seriously. Sure, there is a pretty good reason why they do these flipped out designs, and of course, they usually get what they wished for. What is it? Well, fame of course. There isn’t a designer that doesn’t want their stuff to be seen and discussed. That would go against their whole purpose so to speak. The more people that talk about it, the better. If they can get their name out there, no matter what the design is, it will automatically bring in more work. It’s just how the entire carousel works.

21-year-old Sven Goebel from Germany knows this, and he came up with a pretty rad concept. Too bad he was about two weeks too late since someone (Bryan Berg) already invested in the idea of building a hotel out of 200,000 key cards in Manhattan. It just so happens that Sven had a slightly different idea and his involved 300,000 beer coasters.

Sven had the idea of building a sort of a card house out of beer coasters and boy did he impress a lot of people. He spent 6-8 hours a day, seven days a week to stack up 1,000 coasters daily until he was finally done April 11, 2010 in Volgeslang. The build consisted of five rooms properly set with furniture and interior design features all made out of beer coasters. The media rushed to get a few snaps of the wonder. Not too long into the session, Sven set the whole thing tumbling down with just a few kicks and a hand flick. I wonder if he was tired of beer coasters when he was done…