22,600 Watt Car Stereo Destroys Phone Book

There are a lot of cool and different kinds of technologies out there that will amaze you, but when it comes to sound, it’s a different thing altogether. In my studio I have amplifiers and speakers that can handle up to 2,000 watts if necessary, but playing anything on that level would destroy many of the light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. Not to mention, it wouldn’t make my office neighbors very happy, and that is WITH the sound proofing that was installed so I’m NOT causing chaos when I work during the days. Even though I know it’s not even close to what you can hit up if you’re a bit creative, I am still quite happy with the sound they provide when I produce and write. However, if compared to some of the car stereo outputs some people customize and builders provide, I am nothing but a noob.

Steve Meade, a certified car stereo addict, customized his car to the end of the universe and beyond. The power that this badboy kicks out is nothing less than amazing. In the beginning, it ain’t that impressive. However, the longer you watch the video the more impressed you will become, and that I promise you.

The system puts out 22,600 watts which pretty much is enough to blow away a Mini Cooper if necessary. The demo Steve provides in this awesome YouTube clip is one of the coolest audio destructions I have ever seen. Using just a phone book and the sub woofer in the car, he is able to completely shred that phone book into pieces. And, I really mean shred because at the end of the demo the workshop looks like a paper recycling station. I am blown away, literally!

Car Stereo Destroys Phone Book