24ct Gold Stones – Adding Luxury to Nature’s Priceless Gift

Summertime is almost here and for us, that means spending the weekends in the mountains. The creeks in the north Georgia mountains are great for skimming stones. This picture is from our last adventure skimming stones this past winter.

In case you are unfamiliar with stone skimming, it’s a hobby where you throw a stone that has a flat surface across the water in a special way (which takes a lot of practice) so that it bounces off the surface of the water. Whoever can make his stone bounce the most times before it sinks is the winner of the game. Some people call it skipping rocks but we call it skimming stones. Since the quality of the skim depends on the quality of the stone, Henry and I usually spend more time selecting the stones than we do playing the game. Finding just the right stones is such a fun adventure in itself.

I’ve written about the designs of Dominic Wilcox many times. He is by far one of my favorite designers. Being the ubber cool person that he is, Dominic Wilcox also likes to skim stones. On a trip through Italy and the UK, he carefully selected some very special stones for skimming. He then beautifully covered them with 24ct gold and created a made-to-fit leather pouch for each one.

According to this website, “He plays with the idea of value and luxury by taking one of the few free and abundant pleasures in life and making it exclusive, unique and precious. Deciding when to throw it maybe be a difficult decision for some.” From what I’ve found, it’s even more fun if you make a wish right as you throw your stone. :)