$250 Beer Coaster – Do You Like Beer That Much? Hell Yeah!

During times like these when the summer heat is almost unbearable, we tend to want something that will sooth our thirst. In most cases, when we are on a vacation, for example, we go for a cold beer. It’s like the magic bond that these two things have together automatically triggers a -“I must have beer!” mentality in your brain when the sun is gazing upon our master dome.

Then you start thinking, “OMG, what about my table? Will I spill on it? What if I do?” Well, believe it or not… there are actually people out there that think this is the worst thing that could happen to them. Most of us would simply get a paper towel, wipe it off and go back to our merry smiley selves. However, for those that actually think this is a potential day ruiner, this is definitely for them.

Designer James Thompson of Black Badger Advanced Composites has designed and manufactured a truly mesmerizing coaster which could be yours for the humble price of $250 each. It’s made out of solid Titanium and aerospace-grade carbon fiber. Of course, it’s a limited edition thing, only 35 of them will be made. Each one is laser etched with its own number in the series. So, if you want one, I suggest you hurry. They are likely to go quite fast. People like beer you know.