3 Animals That Can Paint Better Than Me

Wow, this is a story with a twist. We often try to inspire you by featuring artists that illustrate extraordinary talent and creativity. However, the artists I’m sharing with you today are even more special because they aren’t people, they are animals!

And, just for the record, they can paint better than me. After reading about this, I gave my 65 pound slobbery dog a crayon to see if he could color a picture. Maybe he has some hidden talent, right? I guess not, he just ate the crayon. Really.

Animals have been showing off their artistic talent for years. It is inspiring to me because when you watch the videos, you can see that they are just having fun and doing what they’ve been taught. They aren’t worried about being judged or wondering if their work is good enough. As always, we have such an opportunity to learn from animals.


This first animal is a dolphin named Xiaoqiang who lives in China. Just last month he demonstrated his artistic talent. As you will see in the pictures below, first a young boy showed him a painting. Then, the trainer handed Xiaoqiang a paintbrush and held a canvas for him while he began to paint a beautiful picture of another dolphin.


The second group of animal artists featured today are elephants from Thailand. Apparently elephants are inherently interested in painting because sometimes they will pick up a stick and draw in the dirt. The elephants at the National Elephant Institute were taught how to do the same thing, but with a paintbrush and paint. You can view an entire gallery of this elephant artwork here.


The final animal artist I’d like to share with you is Cholla, the painting horse. Cholla was abused for the first five years of his life, but now he is with a loving owner, and he obviously feels much happier. He began painting in 2004 when his new owner taped a piece of paper to the fence and gave him a brush. The rest is history. Now he is quite famous in the States. He prefers using watercolors on high end paper (yes, I’m for real). Cholla has even competed in art exhibitions with all human artists. You can visit Cholla’s website here.

Thank you!