8-Bit Interview: Game Characters Apply For Real Jobs…

Applying for a job can be quite scary if you know your skills are just below what is expected and required for the job.  Still, some people polish their application and add things that are not completely true.  Why do they do this?  It seems it’s more common than you would think, and it’s a way for the applicant to shine above the rest of the people that don’t do it this way.

But what will happen if you get the job?  One scenario is that you will totally make a fool out of yourself and possibly lose the job quicker than you actually got it.  That’s of course the worst case scenario.  Most people know that they will have to bust their hineys in order to pull the weight their position requires them to pull.  It’s also a learning experience.  Always know that most people, when they get their job, have little or no clue exactly what they are doing when they get there on the first day.  It’s not just you who feels lost and totally out of place.

Being a video game character probably won’t enhance your chances of getting the job either, but that doesn’t mean they won’t try you know.  What would you ask Link from Zelda if you had the opportunity to come across his job application on your desk?  I am sure most of us geeks would be thrilled and would probably manufacture a position just to be able to tell our friends that we have Link working for us now.

Yeah I know, sad really!  It’s not likely to happen, right?  Then again, with a world so messed up and stuff happening left and right that none of us really understand, it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened one day.  Alright, back to reality now… or maybe not.  First have a look at this quite funny 8-Bit job interview video by Rooster Teeth.

Job Interview With Game Character