8-Bit Mapping: We’re Living In A Retro World

With all this new technology constantly becoming better and cheaper, there is a community out there that is just dying to make the most of it. Projectors are getting cheaper by the minute, and the more powerful they are the better, at least to the guys that are into “Mapping.” It’s a new kind of movement that could be compared to the demo hackers back when the PC was still in its infancy. Basically it’s all about making nice visuals to impress the viewers, and the more complex they are the better. This movement has moved into the real world with house facades as their canvas and with powerful projectors as their brushes.

There are of course a slew of really impressive and creative mapping videos out there, especially on YouTube, but there are some that stand out more than others. Because we are such huge admirers of 8-bit graphics here at Bit Rebels, we just had to let you guys see this one. Actually, it’s a couple of videos that will have your creative juices flowing in no time. I wish there was a projector for the smartphones out there, that way this movement could go to a whole new level. It would be on a small scale, but that doesn’t matter. Art doesn’t have to be huge and expensive, it can be small and awesome as well.

These two videos are created by Darkfejzr and represent their awesome demo show where the 8-bit theme is the focal point of the whole evening. It’s not only impressive, but it’s also a breath of fresh air, and I would love to see where this will take the whole thing. I bet there are several public shows and conventions that will spring up from this event, and if there is ever an event around where I am, I will definitely go and check it out. Oh, and if anyone knows what song is in the first clip, please share in the comments.

8-Bit Retro Maping Project Show