A Different World: Can You Spot What’s Wrong?

Seeing the world from a constant perspective, such as from one of those old globes that you can buy and put on your table, teaches us that the world has a pattern all its own. We get so used to looking at globes when we are growing up that we can tell immediately, from just a glance, what part of the world we are looking at when we are a little bit older. It’s our brains own way of sifting through the information stored in our head. Usually it happens so fast that you only need to see one little part to verify what part of the world it is. I read somewhere that the brain is faster than the eyes; therefore, we can see things that we haven’t really seen yet. The brain sort of fills in the blanks if you will.

This gets very apparent when you look at your written name for example. Try it yourself by writing it down on a piece of paper and putting it in a drawer for a week folded up. When you pick it up later, you will only have to open it partially to know exactly the pattern and the shapes of the letters you wrote down before you have even opened the note completely. It’s a really cool experiment actually if you do it right and have the patience to wait.

There is even a better example of this, and this time around it is something that will totally put your brain on a vertically axis. Created by the talented graphics artist Vlad Gerasimov, this is one of the coolest maps I have every laid eyes on. This is not because it is quite beautiful to look at, and the fact that it has similarities to the map we’ve gotten accustomed to in Lord Of The Rings. Nope, it has a whole new perspective of its own. Can you spot what I am talking about?

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A New World Inverted Experiment