A Fantastically Creepy Steampunk Mouse Design

Wow, I love this! It’s like science fiction meets Freddy Krueger meets Dr. Evil. It’s Hannibal Lecter meets Mr. Hyde. Ok, maybe I should stop telling you what it’s like, and just show it to you.

Peter Balch, a designer from Scotland, created this spooky looking steampunk mouse hack from wood and the insides of an optical mouse. He stained the wood and of course used all the traditional steampunk materials to solidify its awesomeness. There are pieces of scrap bronze, shoelace covers, brass, copper, nuts, and screws all soldered together.

The glowing green brain is my favorite part. It’s made from an LED glued inside and attached to the optical mouse’s LED. You can see a whole bunch of fabulous pictures taken during different stages of the design process on Peter Balch’s Website. He also gives instructions for how to make one of these for yourself. If you aren’t brave enough to attempt this project, he has generously offered to make one for you for a fee. You can contact him through his site. I’m still a little bit confused about exactly how it works. Do you put your index finger between those two pieces of wood? That seems like the most obvious answer. I wish there was a video showing this badboy in action!

“Every self-respecting Victorian Scientist needs a brain in a jar.” ~ Peter Balch, designer

A Hacked Steampunk Computer Mouse

A Hacked Steampunk Computer Mouse

A Hacked Steampunk Computer Mouse

Via: [Technabob] [Hacked Gadgets]