A Fashion Diva’s Dream Car

Why is my mouth watering? It really is! Ok, I might not drive this car in real life. Lord knows my driving is bad enough, I don’t need to draw any attention to it. However, dannnnnnnng this is a cool car! It’s hard to believe underneath all this artsy goodness is a Honda Odyssey.

Kelly Lyles, an artist from Seattle, is no stranger to decorating cars. She has a reputation for her flamboyant style, and you can see some of her handy work here. Out of all her creations, this one is definitely my favorite. She used a lot of her own clothes and shoes when decorating this car. Hmm… I wonder if that means she got a new wardrobe out of the deal when she was finished. That’s my kind of project!

According to her blog, “The car is covered with women’s accessories: shoes, purses, belts, jewelry. The dashboard is tiny doll clothes with all the matching accessories.” The hood is even a giant paper doll with magnetic outfits. This car, which she named “Excessories Odd-Yssey,” suddenly makes my white Nissan Pathfinder look nauseatingly boring. It may be time to find my hot glue gun and dig my Barbie doll clothes out of the attic!

[via Green Diary, ArtCar]