A Flagship Lego Store Opens At Rockefeller Center!

Today is the big day! I’m so excited that I will be in NYC again this weekend so I will get to see this store firsthand! I’ve never seen a store before that is completely dedicated to Lego.

The new flagship Lego store opens today at Rockefeller Center. The official grand opening will be today through Thursday. The first customers will get to help build a 15-foot Apple out of Lego bricks. And, of course, there are “Lego I love New York” t-shirts being made.

It’s interesting because as I read more about Lego, I’m noticing it’s no longer being called a child’s toy or even an adult toy. Instead, it’s now being referred to as a “creative tool.” I love it! If you, like me, are going to be in New York City soon, you can check out this store at 620 Fifth Avenue. This is a dream come true for all die-hard Lego fans in the States!

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