A Romantic Marriage Proposal In Lego Stop Motion

According to Vimeo, this is the story of Nealey and Walter, and how their engagement came to pass. We’ve featured plenty of romantically geeky proposals, wedding ceremonies and even wedding invitations here on Bit Rebels, but this one definitely goes down as one of the best of the best.

Walt Thompson, from Atlanta, spent 22 hours shooting this stop motion video, and countless more hours editing it. For this massive project, he took 2,600 little posed pictures. He left no romantic detail to chance for the big event, and he created these Lego minifigs to look just like the couple. He even found the clothes they were wearing when they met four years ago, and he recreated them on the minifigs. The scenes in the video are actual scenes from the couple’s history.

When he was finally finished, he asked his girlfriend, Nealey, to press play on the DVD player. When the video displays “Will you marry me?,” Walt got down on one knee and opened a ring box with the two Lego minifigs in it. The groom was holding the ring, just like in the video. Nealey of course said yes, and the happy couple is now planning their wedding and the rest of their lives. What a romantic story! Aside from the concept itself, this video is fabulous. I even love the song he chose. I hope someday Walt creates another one with more of their journeys. Best wishes to you both!

Marriage Propose In Lego Video

Marriage Propose In Lego Video

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