The Disney Effect: 9 Popular Movie Posters Disneyfied

Walt Disney movies always have that signature Disney look. After you’ve seen a handful of them, you start to recognize the style, and you can tell in an instant from looking at a movie poster whether or not it’s a Disney film. I call that the Disney effect, and in the artwork below, you’ll see several movie posters redesigned with that effect.

As much as I kick and scream every time my son drags me to another Disney movie, I have to admit that some of these posters look even better than the originals to me. I really like these a lot, and the artists who created them obviously have some mad illustrating talent.

These were created by Old Red Jalopy and Next Movie. The Old Red Jalopy website reads, “We are committed to delivering new, original and exclusive poster artwork, stuff you won’t find anywhere else.” These are definitely original. The poster for Predator is definitely my favorite one. Also, now I’m even more excited to see The Hunger Games. I wish it was coming out this weekend. Who would have ever guessed that seeing a collection of disneyfied movie posters would be so much fun?

The Hunger Games Reimagined Disney

Twilight Redesigned Disney Movie

Lord Of The Rings Disney

Predator Redesigned As Disney

Hangover Movie Redesigned As Disney

Mission Impossible Redesigned As Disney

Harry Potter Redesigned As Disney

Casino Royale Redesigned As Disney

Saw Movie Redesigned As Disney

Via: [Thaeger]