A Working Sniper Rifle Made Out Of Lego Technics

What the heck is up with this? I know we’ve had our share of gun articles on Bit Rebels, but this one is un-friggin-believable. This dude actually created a working Lee Enfield bolt action sniper rifle out of Lego Technics. I know what you are thinking… What??? Yeah, I’m for real.

According to his website, “It is a working magazine-fed rifle in bolt action configuration, with detachable magazines, sniper scope and bi-pod.” In other words, as you will see when you watch the video below, it can point at the target, then accurately shoot the Lego blocks that are set up on the floor.

Granted, a person could probably get shot on the back with one of these “bullets” and barely feel it, but that’s not the point, right? The point is that he made this out of Lego Technics! Wth? This is some serious engineering! I’m blown away. You can see more pictures and get more info here.

[via geekologie, ohgizmo]