Get Your Superhero On With The Stan Lee Signature Cologne

I’m going out on a limb here to say that if you don’t know who Stan Lee is, you aren’t really a geek. Well, not a superhero geek anyway. I read today that Stan Lee created or co-created 355 fictional characters, and you can view them all here on Wikipedia. There are characters on that list that start with every letter of the English alphabet. If you like Stan Lee’s characters, now you can smell like them with the new Stan Lee signature cologne.

There have been tons of celebrities over the years who have come up with their own signature colognes, but for some reason, Stan Lee’s seems cooler than all of them. That could just be because I have a soft spot for sweet old men who know how to create the most badass superheroes ever (he was great in that episode of Big Bang Theory too).

So what does the Stan Lee signature cologne smell like? Good question. According to the creators at Jads International, “It has Stan’s personal touch as it possesses crisp blends of bergamot, ginger, white pepper, basil and violet layered in with accords of cedar, vetiver and musk.” Even though I typed that description, I still have no idea what it smells like, but I’ll find out soon enough since I ordered a bottle today. It will be the perfect Christmas gift for someone special.

According to the Huffington Post, Andrew Levine at JADS International, the company that created the cologne, asked Stan what his superheroes would smell like. His response was, “I never thought about my characters and what they smell like. Everybody would be pretty good except the Hulk.”

If you’re a Stan Lee fan, you gotta at least get one bottle of this stuff. If nothing else, when the girl in the cubicle next to you says, “Oh, you smell good, what are you wearing?” You’ll be able to say, “Why it’s the Stan Lee signature cologne!” I mean, how many people can say that? Get your superhero on and get yourself a bottle. At $25, it is priced to fit any superheroes budget. You can order it here on JADS International.

Stan Lee Signature Cologne



Stan with Alex from JADS International, the creator of his cologne.


All of these characters were created or co-created by Stan Lee!

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