Abandoned Homeless Droids: Trash or Treasure?

Everything in life is about perspective, isn’t it? One day we might think something is gross and the next day we might love it. It all depends on our perspective in that moment. For example, I’ve always thought rats were completely disgusting. However, this year, in my son’s class, they have two rats as class pets. These aren’t what you might think of when you think of rats. They are well groomed, behaved, and housed in a state-of-the-art multi-level “rat house.” So, suddenly they don’t seem so gross.

The same goes for some foods. I used to think that eating certain foods was inhumane. Then, I visited the countries that depend on those foods for survival. Suddenly, eating these foods isn’t inhumane, instead, it’s part of the natural cycle of life. The same can be said for the old appliances we have around our house. I used to see these rusted old “droids” discarded on the streets or polluting the parks here in Atlanta, but now, after learning about Homeless Droids, suddenly they seem sad and abandoned. My perspective has changed. I don’t know how a website could somehow successfully personify these old appliances in my mind, but it has. They almost seem like lost pets.

Whether it’s an old oven, freezer, television, printer or copy machine, Homeless Droids is a place where these old machines can have a proper burial. Well, that is, until they get dumped in a landfill or wherever it is they are headed to next. The caption on the first photo is “This poor droid. Attacked and killed by humans, just outside my house, no one saw a thing.” So sad.

Via: [Nuclear Toast]