Alien PEZ Dispenser: This Time You Eat It!

When the first Alien movie was released, I was still just a little kid not even worthy of my own bike. It was an instant success and propelled Ridley Scott and Sigorney Weaver (and many more) right into movie stardom. Ridley is currently working on another sequel to the Alien franchise, and this time, it is said that we will see what happened before Ripley and the crew landed on LV-426. Knowing that Ridley Scott always makes the best of a movie, I am sure it will be another success.

So what could be more fitting than an Alien PEZ Dispenser to celebrate this awesome yet thrilling franchise? Everyone seems to love PEZ dispensers these days, and a lot of people (and I mean a LOT) are actually collecting them. Some even have thousands of them all neatly placed on a book shelf to be viewed and showed off.

Designer Peter “Rat D” Davidson took the Alien franchise and made it into one of scariest dispensers ever released. It’s a fantastic creation that makes a lot of sense. After all, we all know how the aliens kick you off the life branch. Before you get your hopes up too much, this is a one off and won’t be coming into production anytime soon. However, you are free to enjoy the awesome details and the amazing adaptation of one of the most thrilling movie series ever created.