All Your Math Education Compressed Into 3 Minutes

I think you could say I enjoy math quite a bit. It’s not because I am cleverly educated in the field, but just because I find the order of it interesting to poke around in. Math is also one of the main ingredients when programming, and most of the time you do calculations in order to put stuff on the screen. It’s all about algorithms really, and it doesn’t really have to be that advanced, unless you’re working with optimizations within the 3d pane. That can get a little tricky when counting polygons and points in order to speed up the frame rate on your graphics card, but that is a whole other story, and we will not be going into that in this article.

What’s interesting is that there are so many people out there who have the illusion that math has to be hard. It really isn’t if you just get a few basic rules planted in your head. There is always order to be expected when it comes to math, so there is no reason to panic and think that it’s all out of whack and that it doesn’t make any sense. The likeliest scenario if you find yourself struggling with math is that you haven’t had math explained to you in a very good way. The basics should be simple and straight forward, not complicated by the stupid fast forward methods that most teachers implement due to time limits.

YouTuber Vihart has the solution for you, and it will not take you a long time to go through it either. There are multiple ways to solve any math problem you can think of, and to find the right one for you is a search, nothing more. This particular video explains how you can, with a more visual approach, solve any math problem that might come your way. Large calculations have always been a problem for some people, but this way will make it a whole lot easier. Be prepared to take in your entire math education in approximately 3 minutes. Oh, you better get your attention hat on because this girl is speaking at a pace you won’t believe! Phew!

Math Solution The Visual Approach