Angry Birds LEGO Builds: When Addiction Meets Creativity

How is it that every day now there is something new in the world of Angry Birds?  This ultimately addicting game is starting to become the new Star Wars when it comes to its many spoofs and creations.  What I mean is that I wouldn’t be surprised if we soon saw a Beetle car turned into an Angry Bird itself.  It’s not so much a question of if or why anymore, it’s why not?  It’s like the addiction has become so strong that some people just need to explore the Angry Birds concept to its full potential, even though it means coming to a complete dead end.  It’s not like I am overdosing on the flying birds trying to kick high score after high score just because my inner addiction craves it.  I have probably played the game for a total of 20 minutes, and yet, I already feel you can only like it so much.

But that doesn’t stop some people from totally going all out on the concept.  Chiukeung, a LEGO fanatic gone amok, has created a Facebook showcase with the Angry Birds as the inspiration.  It’s an almost full set of all the elements in the game, and it’s of course created entirely out of LEGO.  Even though it’s not the most extreme or most advanced build I have ever seen, it’s quite impressive.

The only thing missing now is the setting and the environment, and the build will be complete.  That shouldn’t be so hard to achieve, and if my hunch is serving me right, I am quite sure that Chiukeung is working on that right at this very moment.  As we always say here on Bit Rebels, LEGO is the solution to everything.  Period!

Complete Lego Angry Birds Set

Green Pigs Angry Birds Set

Closeup Lego Green Pigs Birds

Lego Angry Birds Slingshot Build

Green Angry Bird Lego Build

Yellow Angry Bird Lego Build

Yellow Bird Lego Build Closeup

Bomb Bird Lego Build Set

Egg Angry Birds Lego Build

Blue Angry Birds Small Lego

Green Pigs Lego Build Set

Green Pig Lego Build Closeup

Angry Birds Lego Build Collection

Gigantic Angry Birds Lego Build