Anti-Geek Commercial: Break Free Of The Pixel

I think most of us are not exactly overjoyed when we are watching a movie and a commercial interrupts our intense experience. It is; however, a necessary nuance in order for us to even be able to  see a movie without having to pay a price close to a what a movie ticket would be. It seems that commercials are getting ever more creative though, and that we like, right? It’s when the old school commercials come on, whose only apparent purpose is to sell us something without even as much as entertaining us, that we seem to get a little annoyed. It happens quite often that I am over at someone’s place, and when the commercials start, they start complaining about it.

If commercials would be as creative, entertaining and also as visually stunning as the one from Stihl, then I could sit and watch commercials all day. Their pixel creativity and the way that they portray life boxed into cubes is as anti-geek as it is genius. I am sure a lot of people can interpret the commercial differently, but it seems the video tries to get us to enter the real world instead of constantly staying inside and online, thus the pixel reference.

Maybe I am entirely wrong, but that’s how I look at it. I am quite impressed with the way they created this commercial, especially the blocky graphic style they have managed to convert real world items into. Whether it is a simple plugin or some heavy CG going on I don’t know, but I guess it’s probably a combination of both. To me this whole thing resembles the Lego For Adults fake ads that we published not too long ago, and I keep wondering if those were done in the same way. One thing is clear though, apparently we need to escape the pixel!

Pixel Commercial Invites Us Out