Apologize The Geek Way | Card Abbreviations

With a heavy and constant load of information coming at us during the day from our computer, it can sometimes be hard to have time for everything. That’s why abbreviations were created, to shorten down the things we want to say into a few letters or symbols. We’ve also learned how to smile, sob and be angry through pure text in terms of smileys and whatnot. But what if you upset someone or even hurt someone, what then? You sure as hell can’t just call them up and say you’re sorry. After all, you probably don’t have the phone number to even 1 percent of the followers you have on Twitter for example. If you do, then you’re not really using the social networking services to their fullest potential.

Another issue we face nowadays is that we’re going farther and farther away from the analog mail and appreciations. We tend to spend more time finding the right symbol for things instead of picking out at nice card to say “I Love You” or just a soothing “I am sorry.” It’s really sad and I think while moving away from that we are losing one important factor of interaction, and that is the expressions we all have. Everyone has them and they are unique for each person.

There might be a solution for this just around the corner. You can now get yourself some letterpressed cards to send your friends and loved once and not even have to abandon your geek abbreviations. PaperWheel has the ultimate solution. They have a range of cool and funny cards that really make sense. They might even cheer your friends up and your mistake will be long forgotten. You’ll have to hurry though, they are selling out faster than ice cream on a hot day.