App Magnets – Yes, We Have A Magnet For That!

I miss my iPhone. I need to get it fixed soon. I love that I never had a boring moment when I had it. It’s a good thing I still have my iPod Touch. The beauty of owning an iPhone or an iPad is that the apps that you can download (whether you get them for free or pay for them) are worth every cent.

I’m sure Apple fans will agree with me that the icons are pretty cool too. I love the colors and the way that you can actually move them around and create your own palate. If you love the icons of the apps and would like to turn your refrigerator into a giant iPhone, then the iMagnet is for you. Now you can decorate your fridge with cool magnets and stick your iNotes on them. They sell for $12.99.

According to Think Geek – App Magnets are really cool square magnets that are very similar to the apps in your iDevice. You can build a pretend phone on your fridge. Or, you can get really clever and use the app on the magnet to indicate what you are securing under it. An example: using the Map App Magnet to hold directions to the party you’re attending next weekend. Get it? Best thing about App Magnets is there is no way magnetism can change the fees for your data (holding) plan. Zing!