Apple’s Rise To Number 1 [Infographic]

Apple has always been on the rebellious side of the computer industry. In the beginning, their energy was spent on creating a cult following, and within the company, everything was a battle. Even the developer groups had their own battles about who could develop the most successful product. Documentaries show that it was not uncommon for company gatherings to be divided into two groups where both teams bragged about their achievements.

However, I don’t think we should forget Microsoft’s role in all this. Their part in Apple’s story is larger than I think most people know. The legendary battle between Apple and Microsoft probably fueled the companies to become what they are today. Their drive to sell the most, develop the best and to take the most market shares is a blowtorch burner boosting their confidence. Most likely that is the reason why both Apple and Microsoft are some of the world’s most profitable companies.

But is there an easy way to portrait Apple’s start, build up and success in an easy-to-understand format? The company, after all, has one of the strongest product lineups that you can think of. Reporting one each of them would probably take as many articles as we have so far written here on Bit Rebels. Online MBA has put together an infographic to easier show us the most interesting facts about Apple’s rise to fame.

The infographic makes it clear that Apple has certainly had it’s share of trouble, and that Steve Jobs is an important factor of Apple. Without him, many people would ask themselves if the company would even be close to as successful as they are today. Now the real question is if we can afford not to invest in Apple or will the stock start to dip at one point?