Guy Spectacularly Proposes With The Iron Man Arc Reactor

When it comes to marriage proposals, it seems there is no one as creative as the geek. We have seen quite a few examples of that here on Bit Rebels over the past few years. Most recently was the Super Mario proposal that Diana wrote about yesterday. But there have been other proposals as well of course. Who doesn’t remember the other Super Mario proposal including the coin block? There have been quite a few ways that geeks all over the world have presented their loved one with the ultimate band of connectivity. But I keep thinking to myself, are any of these proposals really as awesome as the recent proposal by Eddie Zarick? His girlfriend always calls him Tony Stark due to his constant tinkering, and that’s where the Iron Man arc reactor proposal was born.

Eddie decided to custom make an arc reactor out of pulsating LED flexible sticks, and mechanics that would impress even the real Tony Stark. At first it might not look like much, but as you watch the video, you will soon see that this is not your “usual” arc reactor. It’s far from it actually. I am not going to tell you what will happen. Let’s just say that when the time is right, and the right buttons have been pressed, there is a surprise revealed that will make any girl cry out of joy.

I have to say that yesterday’s Super Mario proposal was one of the more creative ones I have seen. But I don’t think you can argue with me when I say that this Tony Stark arc reactor proposal “box” is one of the most technological geek proposals you have seen to date. It takes a real life Tony Stark to pull off what Eddie has managed to create. When you look at his amazingly jam-packed tech website, you will understand why Eddie was the one pulling this off. He has created countless high tech XBox mods, and he even hacked his own home soda dispenser. If anyone could be allowed to call himself the real life Tony Stark, it’s definitely Eddie. Big props and of course congratulations to the both of you!

“Eddie Tony Stark” Zarick’s Arc Reactor Proposal