ARTags: Augmented Reality Graffiti Tagging Application

We see it everyday, whether it is beautiful or just a bad “I Was Here” tag. I am of course talking about graffiti in all its forms and shapes. The way we experience this art is different for each person. Some people want to get rid of it, regardless if it’s beautiful or bad. Other people appreciate the skills in the good ones, while damning the horrible positioning of badly applied ones. I am somewhat of the latter, but when I stumble upon the cool and well thought out artful ones, I always admire the skills and the time it took to make it.

Sure, there are places where graffiti shouldn’t be put, but usually we’re talking about tunnels, off the grid walls, or somebody’s 6 foot fence. I have even seen people put it in offices and at home to further personalize their work area or living space. After all, it is quite a punk-generation art form and is usually used to express some kind of rebellious behavior.

ARTags is an application that helps you beautify the world through augmented reality. Basically what this means is that through your mobile application you can draw a piece of art work and put it in a spot in the world where you want it to be without destroying someone’s property. The application is based around the geographical location you’re at when you “tag” your art work. Through this same application (or in the future, other ones) people can enjoy your tags and maybe even leave their own. I am sure there will be further development where you can leave comments and more.

At this time, the app is not available for iPhone users, but it is for pretty much everyone else. An iPhone app, as I understand it, is in the works. When it hits the market, I am sure it will be one of those boomers that really hits it off just like Gowalla or Foursquare. Geo-location based applications usually hit it off quite well when they are introduced, and I see no reason why this one should be any different. So, to all of you rebellious taggers out there, get it and make the world your playground. Stop wasting money and private property but go ahead and still tag your way to fame. The Internet rebellion is still at your disposal.

ARTags Graffiti Tagging Mobile App