Assemble Your Own Papercraft Steve Jobs Keynote

Isn’t it interesting how people keep creating things that we don’t need, but we really want? I mean, how can it be that we are going about our everyday lives without thinking about what we don’t need only to stumble over something that we really want? It sounds weird, I know, but it is exactly that trend which keeps us finding more and more cool stuff to share with you guys here at Bit Rebels. Fans have a tendency to create things that will enhance their fandom towards whatever it is that they are a fan of. The creations are of course getting more and more weird, but they are also getting more creative, and that is exactly what I like about them.

When it comes to Steve Jobs, there are a lot of fans out there, and it shows. People are constantly trying to come up with something that they can make a buck from just because it is Steve Jobs or one of his inventions. So now that Steve is not with us anymore, there is a great void to be filled, and that is why a person with the alias Tubbypaws created something that I am sure every Apple and Steve Jobs fan is going to want desperately.

It’s the Steve Jobs Keynote Papercraft Set. Yup, all you really need to do is print this badboy out and then start cutting and folding. The instructions are quite easy and straight forward, and before you know it, you will have your very own Steve Jobs keynote sitting on your office table. The envy in your co-workers eyes is going to shine far and wide, and expect to get a few thieving hands lurking about every now and then. What they won’t know is that you can make this thing over and over again. In the end, you are the master of the keynote, and you can fill the audience with whatever people you want. All you need to have are some Photoshop skills so you can alter the faces and colors of the clothes on the papercraft people, and you are all good to go. See, who knew you would one day direct an Apple keynote, right?

Steve Jobs Keynote Papercraft Template

Steve Jobs Keynote Papercraft Template

Via: [LeetLady]