Bacon Lovers: Drool Over Your Bacon’s History [Infographic]

As I single-handedly inhaled almost an entire pound of bacon this morning (my Saturday ritual), I got to thinking about it more. Why is it that so many people love bacon? We love it so much that we even top lots of our foods with it now. Menu items including bacon have risen almost 30% in the past few years. Designers and artists are inspired by it and create all sorts of bacon concepts. Why?

I suddenly needed to know, and I went on an information hunting spree. After all, almost everyone I know loves bacon. I even know vegetarians who are tempted by the smell of bacon on the griddle.

Guess what I found out when I researched all about bacon love? There is a true scientific reason why we love bacon so much. You can read all the details on The Telegraph. The article states, “A complex chemical interaction in the meat is what produces the winning combination and smell in bacon.” It’s all about the Maillard reaction. I feel so much better knowing that science can explain my uncontrollable urge to eat bacon when I smell it anywhere within a hundred mile radius. It turns out that bacon is the history of human civilization. I found this infographic that details the history of the greasy, crunchy deliciousness we know as bacon. From the Roman Era, to Kevin Bacon to putting bacon on top of cupcakes, this infographic says it all.

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Why Do We Love Bacon?

Why Do We Love Bacon?

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