Bacon Cologne: Now You Can Smell Like A Pig All Day

If you thought for one moment that the bacon revolution was about to end, you are wrong. Bacon is like social media. People keep waiting for the trend to end, but in reality, it’s just getting stronger and stronger, and by that, I’m referring to the smell in my kitchen right now as I cook some of it.

We’ve written about bacon on Bit Rebels too many times to count; however, what you might not know is that there is a scientific reason why we are attracted to that tasty goodness. You can learn more about that and other interesting bacon facts at Bacon Lovers: Drool Over Your Bacon’s History.

So it makes sense that someone would create a bacon fragrance, right? I mean, why limit the smell to our kitchens when we can wear it all day long? I bet for some men, smelling this on a woman would be an aphrodisiac. “Oh baby, you smell like bacon, come a little closer.” You can buy a bottle of this scent by the Gods at Fargginay for 36 bucks. If you don’t have 36 bucks, that’s ok, just take a cooked piece of bacon and rub it all over your wrist and neck. I’m sure it will have the same effect.

You Can Smell LIke Bacon

Smell Like A Pig Bacon

Via: [Bella Sugar] [Oddity Central]