The Hobbit’s Bag End Interior Balloon-Twisted Into Reality

Are you eagerly awaiting the first installment of the Hobbit movies? Maybe you are furiously searching the Internet for updates, spoilers or even leaks that will tell you just a little bit more about what the movie will be like, and all the insane special effects we are going to see in them. If you are one of the super dedicated fans of the Tolkien books, you will most certainly get a kick out of this. Imagine yourself being a huge fan and then realizing that your fandom is nothing compared to that of Jeremy Telford. This guy lives and breathes Tolkien. This mega fan has taken it upon himself to recreate Bag End entirely out of balloon-twisted walls, roof and everything else that’s in the Hobbit hole. What you are about to witness is nothing less than a geek win.

If you think blowing up one balloon is a task worthy of a 14-day vacation, you will faint after you have seen Jeremy’s breathtaking process of transforming an almost empty living room into a complete rendering of Bag End recreated entirely by balloon-twisting it into reality. It’s a task which spanned over 40 hours and took a staggering 2,600 balloons. Everything from the walls, roof, fire pit and furniture were created in order to make a realistic impression of Bag End.

In the time-lapse video created by Jeremy, you get to see the process he took to create this mind-blowing balloon-twisted fantasy Hobbit hole. It’s easy to understand the kid’s excitement once the balloon-twisted Bag End comes crumbling down. Not even the most creative jump tower could match the awesomeness of a balloon-twisted creation all bundled into one big pile of balloons. Especially when it’s free for all to smash, break and pop whatever balloons they feel like. Maybe your Hobbit cravings have been satisfied for the day, or maybe not. If not, and you haven’t seen the insane miniature Bag End Doll House by Maddie Chambers just yet, you should definitely go have a look.

Jeremy Telford’s Balloon-Twisted Bag End


Via: [Technabob]