Batman vs Darth Vader: Epic Short Film With A Twist [Video]

It’s been a whirlwind of superhero movies hitting the theaters in the past few years and, as it looks, they won’t stop coming anytime soon. The next upcoming mega showdown is Batman vs Superman, and it is expected to be a beast at the box office. Comic geeks all around the world have always been putting superheroes head to head in their minds while trying to figure out who would win. But it doesn’t have to be with a hundred million dollar budget that these showdowns are displayed. In a new awesome short movie called Batman vs Darth Vader, we get to see two realms clash together in a way never before seen.

Batman vs Darth Vader is directed by Aaron Schoenke (Machinima Prime) and is an epic short adventure that will have you wonder who’s superpower will conquer right to the very end. In less than 5 minutes and 30 seconds you will be taken on a journey that takes you deep into the Death Star and even feature (by name) Superman as a captive that has to be rescued.

The plot may seem quite intriguing and in all fairness it definitely is. Personally I doubt that we’ll ever see a million dollar budget superhero movie with the same characters, however, with Disney buying pretty much everything that has a nudge of a superpower, it wouldn’t surprise me if the plot one day surfaced.

With Batman sporting his space age tools and gear and Darth Vader juggling his Jedi powers, the call who’s going to turn out as the winner is not exactly an easy one. It would be rather easy for me to ruin the surprise right here and now, but I won’t. You will simply have to sit back and watch the little over 5 minutes of epic cinematography and special effects and see for yourself.

The production as a whole is magnificent, and I have to admit, I was quite taken back by the awesome quality of pretty much everything presented in this short film. Batman vs Darth Vader is absolutely worth a look and I assure you that you will be quite intrigued by the whole presentation, not to mention the ending. Enjoy!

Batman vs Darth Vader – The Epic Showdown

Batman vs Darth Vader

Batman vs Darth Vader

Batman vs Darth Vader