BBQ Boat Is The Ridiculous Hipster Way To Barbecue

Could it be that you have at some point been wondering why all barbecues are pretty much the same? You’re in someone’s backyard having a good time, and you have a dedicated barbecue master who probably knows a thing or two about how to prepare the perfect meat for the dinner. Well, some people say backyard barbecue parties are so last year. You know, it’s all the same, and there is little room for innovation. Nah, you would most likely have to switch the location or the venue altogether in order to make it a little bit more interesting. That’s where the BBQ boat (or the bbq-donut, as it is also called) comes into play. It’s a rather badass piece of grown up toy that will change your barbecues forever.

It’s a round boat (hence the comparison to a donut) with a grill positioned right in the middle of it. This BBQ boat will comfortably seat 10 people and will give you a party time of about 8-10 hours. It’s just enough time to get to know the mood of the evening and have a blast. Besides, you can go wherever you want (depending on the size of the lake you’re cruising on that is) which would totally make things a whole lot more interesting.

I don’t know if bringing alcohol on board this BBQ boat is advised or even a good idea considering you will be on a boat. But then again, pirates have been able to handle it for seemingly forever so… On second thought, maybe you should just stick to non-alcoholic beverages when you’re on this BBQ boat. You can always pop a brewski when you hit motherland again. After all, starting your party in the afternoon will most likely mean there will be a few hours left to go clubbing once you have hit solid ground again.

This piece of awesomeness is made available by Firebox and will set you back around $32,450 so I take it that it’s not exactly for the average geek. But, it’s definitely one of those awesome little gadgets that will make you the king of all barbecues. The memories created with this BBQ boat will most likely linger on forever. If you have the dough, I totally think you should take a look at this BBQ boat and invite your friends out for an unforgettable BBQ party. It will be BBQ awesomeness!

BBQ Boat Available At Firebox

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