Why You Should Be Nice To Your IT Guy Today [Infographic]

I’m officially going to suggest that December 5th each year be called “Be Nice To Your IT Guy Day.” They have it rough. I thought this little tribute might put the spotlight on them and how they are probably some of the most under-appreciated and taken for granted people in any office. First of all, most IT guys (or gals) are immediately stereotyped. People usually think they are intellectual nerds who can’t carry on a conversation about anything other than software updates or viruses. This is of course completely untrue, but right off the bat the IT guys usually have an uphill battle to gain the same respect and kindness from others that everyone else in the office takes for granted.

Another reason why you might consider being nice to your IT guy today is because he’s most likely frazzled and running in ten different directions. Most people think the IT guy is there to help with anything computer related (which is not the case). The IT guy is probably getting calls to do everything including helping someone save a jpeg to the desktop, handling the entire company’s web security, and updating the company’s website. It’s more than a full-time job for anyone with that title, and on top of it all, the IT guy is often viewed as a help desk and is expected to be available to everyone all the time for anything. That alone is reason enough to be nice to your IT guy.

So next time you pass your IT guy in the hall at work, or talk to him or her on the phone, maybe throw in an extra “thank you” or say “I appreciate you” since you know they aren’t being told those things very often. Maybe you can even hang up a sign in your office that declares it “Be Nice To Your IT Guy” day. This infographic called Why It Sucks To Be The IT Guy (by ORSYP) explain all this in a very fun way.

Be Nice To Your IT Guy Today Because It Sucks To Be Him


Via: [visual.ly]